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The highest quality French scissors on the market

Japanese Steel — French Style

We promise you...

  • We're sure to have the right pair of scissors for you

  • To know your needs at your fingertips

  • Unique sensations thanks to our scissors

  • To always look for the latest innovations

A technical know-how in concrete + A strong desire to satisfy its customers = a French brand technically unmatched.

Our Vision...

What changes for you ...

In terms of budget...

The price will no longer be an obstacle for you!

Everything necessary has been done so that you can use these magic scissors every day : short circuit, technical optimizations...

We don't want to see any more groomers working with scissors that are not very pleasant or even dangerous for their joints.

Our dream is to know that each of our customers will be able to take pleasure every day, on any animal, with an incredible, powerful and fluid tool.

The feeling of finding a brand that understands you, that accompanies you and compiles everything you expect :

A tailor-made buying guide

Fluidity, ergonomics, sharpness, large choice, various sizes, etc... It's all there !


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